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Core Capabilities


Enterprise Program Mangement

Technatomy’s PMO support services integrate our data-driven, quality-based, and patent-pending management approach with your agency’s organizational design to establish a predictable blueprint for low-risk, high-quality execution.


Systems Engineering & Integration

DevOps services provide our clients with full lifecycle development services, ranging from requirements gathering to full system deployment. Our services are platform independent; we never push you into a technology that doesn’t make sense for you.


IT Operations & Maintenance

Our knowledgeable technicians ensure your existing systems perform reliably, as intended. We deliver O & M services using established processes, technology, and methodologies that you have already implemented.


Digital Services

Our focus starts with Digital Process Automation (DPA), where we apply proven business process management platforms to model, digitize and automate key processes that enable agency mission success. To us, the process is the application.

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Time to Mission

Configuration, testing and production deployment within weeks ensuring mission achievement.


Bundles include the most popular commercial software and services options.


Available now on SEWP, NITAAC GWAC catalogs for immediate acquisition.

Packaged Solutions

Digital Logistics & Supply Chain Automation

We believe in leveraging technology to solve organizational challenges, to enable strategic mission capabilities, and to empower people through intelligent automation. We offer a solution for Digital Logistics & Supply Chain Automation which first addresses the need to automate the multitude of manual steps involved, along with the business decision rules that govern the various process options. Read More

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Digital Workforce Empowerment

We offer a solution to Digital Workforce Empowerment that first enables workers with cloud-based, mobility-enabled productivity and collaboration tools like Office 365 or Google Apps, then empowers them with automated IT and business processes to make it very easy to get things done such as on-boarding new employees or provisioning new IT services. AI-enabled digital personal assistants can also be provided to reduce the time and frustrations of using IT services, also improving productivity. Learn more

Dynamic Case Management

We offer a solution for true Dynamic Case Management which is based on proven, industry-leading digital process automation products and services. We address the issues around data management, compliance and workflow integration by digitizing and automating the processes, policies, and rules that govern proper case management. Learn More

Identity and Access Management Automation

We aim to ensure proper security measures are in place and meet compliance regulations, while also speeding up the process of granting (or revoking) controlled access to authenticated users. Automated workflow is leveraged for password management as well as to optimize the entire identity lifecycle management function (on-boarding, provisioning, deprovisioning, and off-boarding). Learn More

Automated Software Quality Assurance

We employ a scalable and portable enterprise test automation framework that leverages tool-independent, automated test scripts that increase coverage and aids comprehensive reporting of every test cycle. Our core automation architecture includes custom adapters that enable seamless integration support with multiple technology platforms. Learn More

Predictive Maintenance Automation

Our AI-enabled IoT sensors provide information intelligence for proactively predicting when asset will fail. This intelligence not only alerts operators of potential problems, but it is also integrated into digital process and robotic automation systems which then follow customized workflow steps. Providing this advanced level of automation is required to effectively address the costs and mission challenges affecting agencies today. Learn More