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Predictive Maintenance Automation

The Challenge

Preventative maintenance of equipment and assets within Government is a significant cost contributor, materially affecting Agency budgets. The proportionality of maintenance requirements grows as assets age and missions expand. This dynamic affects all physical assets: building facilities, IT services, communications devices, healthcare and military equipment. Beyond merely the costs, this is also directly tied to the ability to deliver mission-critical and life-impacting operations and military readiness. The challenge, of course, exists in how to manage these costs while optimizing operational reliability and capability.

Our Solution Point of View

At Technatomy, we believe in helping our customers leverage technology to solve organizational challenges, to enable strategic mission capabilities, and to empower people through intelligent automation. We offer a solution for Predictive Maintenance Automation, where AI-enabled IoT sensors provide information intelligence for proactively predicting when asset will fail. This intelligence not only alerts operators of potential problems, but it is also integrated into digital process and robotic automation systems which then follow customized workflow steps to automatically order needed parts, schedule maintenance resources, adjust logistics and supply chain activities, and update critical management systems on latest operational status. Providing this advanced level of automation is required to effectively address the costs and mission challenges affecting agencies today.

The Benefits of Our Solution Offering

  • Lower operation and capital costs
  • Predict and prevent catastrophic issues using data-driven models and sound statistical accuracy
  • Improve readiness, operational reliability and capability
  • Provide a repeatable and automated workflow to effectively synchronize all dependent systems

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