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Veterans Affairs – Veterans Health Administration

Chief Health Informatics Office, Security Software Architecture 
Our team provides healthcare security informatics, business workflow, information models, and requirements management to VA’s security constellation: ANSI, INCITS, HL7, IETF, IHE, ISO, NIST, OASIS, OMG, and W3C.

Veterans Affairs – Veterans Health Administration Clinical Forms 

Technatomy revised and enhanced the Department’s clinical SMARTForms repository, creating a new portfolio of SMARTForms used by its medical clinicians.

Veterans Affairs – Product Development Design Review

Technatomy established the Product Development Design Review program to implement the software design review process for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Veterans Affairs – Research and Development, Major Initiative 13

Technatomy provides programmatic oversight on IT development, modernization and enhancement programs supporting the Genomic Informatics System for Integrative Science (GenISIS), GenISIS Data Integration, Point of Care Research, VA’s Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (VINCI), Research Administrative Management System (RAMS) and the Portfolio Categorization and Reporting Tool (PCRT).

Veterans Affairs – Virtual Lifetime Electronic Health Record, Nation Wide Information Network Partner Gateway 

Technatomy supports the VLER National Wide Health Information Network Partner Integration Adapter/Gateway. We provide services including test and evaluation support for partner integration.

Department of Defense – Defense Health Agency, Program Executive Office, DoD Healthcare Management Systems 

Technatomy provided a full range of program management support services to PEO DHMS Office, IPO, DMIX, DHMSM, and other related DOD organizations supporting the PEO DHMS ACAT 1 acquisition lifecycle to modernize the DoD’s electronic health records system. System acquisition support was achieved through supporting strategic planning and governance, product/project management, technical liaison, and acquisition process expertise.

Veterans Affairs – VistA Application Enhancements 

Technatomy delivered several enhancements to many VistA applications, including Mental Health Application (MHA), Primary Care Management Module (PCMM), Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS), Clinical Reminders application, Patient Records Flash (PRF) application, Veterans Crisis Line (VCL) and MyHealtheVet (MHV).

Veterans Affairs – Information Technology Acquisition Request System

With the ITARS Security Review Technical Support project, Technatomy minimized security risks and vulnerabilities in IT acquisitions at VA by applying security requirements developed from the VA Directive 6500 and other relevant government security policies.

Veterans Affairs – Pharmacy Re-Engineering

Under the Pharmacy Re-engineering (PRE) Inbound ePrescribing Planning and Development project, Technatomy simplified the prescription process for veterans, making the PRE medication order-checking and pharmacy functionality available for use to other VA systems and outside consumers.

Veterans Affairs – Application Sustainment Testing Support Services (ASTSS)

Technatomy provides critical testing and sustainment services for systems and applications developed by VA Product Development, Product Assessment Competency Division.

Veterans Affairs – Identity and Access Management (IAM) Program Platform as a Service (PaaS) Support

 Technatomy provided Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud services for VA Identity Access Management infrastructure.

Veterans Affairs – System Administration Support for Identity Access Management

Technatomy provides management and system administration, incident response and information assurance, operation and maintenance, system monitoring, and help desk support services for all VA Identity Access Management environments. These services ensure persons with approved credentials have access to only the correct and authorized resources.

Veterans Affairs – Office of Cyber Security, Information Security Policy Support

Technatomy supported the Office of Cyber Security (OCS) Information Security Policy Support program with national security Risk Based Decision (RBD) process development, policy research, and documentation support.

Veterans Affairs – Veterans Benefit Administration, Virtual VA

Technatomy provided security management, data call, operations, maintenance, release, configuration, asset management, library, and analytical system support services for the Veterans Benefits Administration Virtual VA system.

Veterans Affairs – Enterprise Health Solution, Oracle/Linux Services

Technatomy provided daily administration and operational support for the full range of functions performed by the Enterprise Health Solutions Team and Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration Services in support of multiple patient care applications. Our support included Linux System Administration, Oracle Database Administration, and Program Administration.

Veterans Affairs – Service Delivery and Engineering Field Operations, Region 5 Super Migration Gateway Support

Technatomy provided network operations and maintenance support for the Super Migration Gateway, Citrix server farm, network management tools, and network routing infrastructure.

Veterans Affairs – Office of Information Security, Office of Cyber Security, Risk Management Framework Implementation

Technatomy provided program management support for the implementation of the Office of Information Security Risk Management Framework. Our team developed and implemented the Department’s Risk Management Framework communications plan, including stakeholder analysis, risk planning and metrics development and standardization. Additionally, we produced the Risk Management Framework awareness training curriculum.

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