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Health and Human Services – Food and Drug Administration, Business Transformation

Technatomy helped the FDA improve operation effectiveness and organizational maturity by providing business transformation, consulting, facilitation, and program management support.

Veterans Affairs, Benefits Gateway Services and VETSNET

Technatomy provided independent validation and verification services for the Veterans Service Network (VETSNET) suite of business systems: Share, Search and Participant Profile, Modern Awards Processing Development, Rating Board Automation 2000, Awards, Finance and Accounting System, Folder Tracking Service, Common Security Services, Statement of Case, and Eligibility Verification Report. Our services included the review of all project artifacts, analytics of product development processes, code review, gate reviews meeting support, and all testing as required for Benefits Gateway Services (BGS) and VETSNET. The team also performed integration testing and end-to-end testing of the BGS web services and VETSNET applications in different environments.

US Treasury – Financial Management Services

In support of the Government Wide Accounting (GWA) project to upgrade and enhance financial reporting systems, Technatomy provides the Department of the Treasury’s Financial Management Services (FMS) bureau with database administration, applications development, and operations and maintenance (O&M) support services for eight customized financial applications. These systems support over 800 users achieving the customer’s mission critical goal of providing timely and accurate Earned Value Management (EVM) tracking and reporting.

US Treasury – Financial Crimes Enforcement Network SAS Analytics Support

Technatomy supported FinCEN’s mission of enhancing the integrity of financial systems by facilitating the detection and deterrence of financial crime. In order to support this mission, Technatomy used methods of quantitative and qualitative research from the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Money Transmitter (MT) and other financial data to assist in identifying illicit financial activities, patterns, trends and targets associated with domestic and international money laundering in the areas of the U.S. Southwest, Mexico and related regions.

Department of Commerce – Federal Communications Commission

Technatomy provided operations and maintenance support services for the FCC’s project and portfolio management tool. Technatomy also developed and implemented new configurations for the project and portfolio management tool that established a project data repository to allow projects to produce dashboards containing the required project health information for reporting to the FCC.

Department of the Interior – National Business Center, Federal Pay and Personnel System

The National Business Center’s Federal Pay and Personnel System is the most successful of the federal wide pay and personnel systems, processing well over half of the federal payroll. Because of the success of the system, the Personnel and Payroll Systems Division (PPSD) has exponentially grown their client base due to the division’s dedication to customer service and quality products. Technatomy has provided a number of systems services, such as the following: systems administration, system analysis, system development, system maintenance, system enhancements, system conversions, system migration, system integration, system documentation, and system implementation support. Technatomy also performs the customer migrations for new payroll integrations.

Health and Human Services – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Financial Management Systems Group, Independent Validation and Verification of Health Integrated General Ledger Accounting System

Technatomy provided the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services with independent validation and verification of their Health Integrated General Ledger Accounting System (HIGLAS). Our support provided ongoing assessments of the flow of Medicare transactions regarding the HIGLAS Accounting Model, Medicare Claim Accounting Transactions structure and methodology and its applicability to the U.S. Standard General Ledger adopted for the Oracle Federal Financial COTS software being used for the HIGLAS project.

Veterans Affairs – Veterans Benefits Administration, Loan Guaranty

Technatomy provided critical software sustainment services to the Veteran’s Benefits Administration’s Loan Guaranty Service, best known for its Home Loan Benefit and Specially Adapted Housing grant administration.

Veterans Affairs – Centralized Administrative Accounting Transaction System

Technatomy updated and improved the VA Centralized Administrative Accounting Transaction System, maintaining the system’s current level of operation and ensuring a high level of quality across user, security and performance perspectives.

US Treasury – Internal Revenue Service, Electronic Fraud Detection System

Technatomy leveraged our expertise in Oracle systems to provide technical support, consulting services, personnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, tools, materials, supervision, and other necessary services to support the IRS Electronic Fraud Detection System.

US Treasury – Internal Revenue Service, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Circuit

Technatomy provided FinCEN with one 10 Gigabit (Gbps) Tnet circuit and specifically a Point-to-Point connection that will carry all backup, administrative and application network data, traffic and processing for FinCEN.

US Treasury – Internal Revenue Service, Virtual Data Bridge

Technatomy provided consulting services to improve the Virtual Data Bridge, including providing support for interviewing and gathering customer requirements, support for testing, and analytical program support.

Veterans Affairs – Product Development, Sustainment of CWINRS

Technatomy supported the maintenance and development of the Corporate, Waco, Indianapolis, Newark, Roanoke, Seattle System (CWINRS) application, accessing the Veterans Benefits Administration corporate database, and comprised of Generated Eligibility Determination (GED) Processing, Case Management, Voucher Processing, Setup and Administrations, Subsistence Allowance Awards Processing and a Benefits Delivery Network Transaction Manager (BDN) to assist with transaction processing providing access for system users at VA Central Office (VACO) and 57 VA Regional Offices (VARO) and their outstations, and for VR&E case Contractors.

Veterans Affairs – Human Resources Information System

To enhance the VA’s human resources capabilities, Technatomy provided management, functional, and technical support, as well as documentation support, project management support, IBM rational tools training and implementation support, functional management support, functional analysis, business analysis, quality assurance, technical support, system security support, implementation management, independent verification & validation test services and technical analysis. Additionally our support team provided facilitation and facilitation-related services for the HRIS Integrated Project Teams, Overarching Team, Executive Steering Committee, Technical Interchange Meetings, and Peer Reviews.

Veterans Affairs – Chapter 33 – Long Term Solution Application Maintenance

Technatomy provided full software lifecycle support to enhance Chapter 33 systems to implement sections 701 and 702 of the Choice Act. Our team also provided sustainment of the Long Term Solution source code and convergence of the VA Online Certification of Enrollment (VAONCE ) and Web Enabled Approval Management System (WEAMS) systems.

Veterans Affairs – Health Administration Product Enhancements, Program Management Support Services

Technatomy provided program and project management services in support of the ICD-10 and Electronic Data Interchange Program and Projects. Our team also provided services in support of Health Administration Product Enhancements projects for Fee Basis Purchased Care, Credentialing and Priviliging Enhancements (CAPE) in VetPro, Revenue Operations, the Occupational Health & Safety Managment Information (OHSMIS) system, Revenue Improvement and Systems Enhancements (RISE), Caregivers, and Compensation and Pension Record Interchange (CAPRI) Programs.For the Department of Interior (DOI) Interior Business Center (IBC), we currently provide program and project management, application development and maintenance, data management, customer and data migration, and 24x7 support to IBC’s Federal Personnel and Payroll System (FPPS) federal shared service, along with its integrated applications, supporting more than 170 federal clients and 180,000 users. We have helped DOI deliver $1.7B semi-monthly pay periods on schedule every time, as well as deliver scheduled release cycles on time.


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