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Financial & Human Capital Management

Support for Mission-Critical Business Applications

Our experience in payroll processing, enterprise financial and human capital management system support extends across several federal clients. We sustain complex and comprehensive systems including the Department of Treasury’s financial reporting applications, the Veterans Benefits Administration’s Home Loan Benefit, Native American Direct Loan program, the Specially Adapted Housing program, the Department of Veterans Affairs Human Resources Information System, and the Department of Interior’s Federal Personnel and Payroll System, which manages over half of the federal government’s employee payroll processing.

Technatomy’s support services include:

  • System development
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Full systems development maintenance life cycle support
  • Mobile development
  • Database maintenance
  • Database design/modeling
  • Customer migrations/integrations
  • Application support
  • Application design
  • Business process support
  • Business process design

Breadth of Support

Our project teams support legacy as well as new, as-a-service ERP and global human capital solutions. We invite you to learn more about the services we provide for clients in our Financial & Human Capital Management solutions sector.

What Can We Do For You?

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