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Federal IT Modernization - Securing Americas Logistics Combat Support Information


Defense Logistics Agency

The Challenge

Across the federal landscape, there’s the compelling need to modernize IT systems for growing cost and security factors. Similarly, DLA’s IAM system, AMPS, is both mission-critical and respresents the largest such Oracle-based IAM system in existence. The agency faces specific digital modernization objectives within short time windows and constrained budget.

Our Approach

AMPS offers the DLA centralized rule and role-based access controls serving multiple applications that support the efficient supply of our country’s warfighters around the globe. Literally, AMPS authorizes ‘who-can-see-what’ data across DLA’s complex logistics information systems through sophisticated end user authentication. The system’s planned cloud migration assures the government of substantial cost savings, robust security and system availability

The Results

Gregg Barr, Technatomy’s Program Manager for AMPS, shared the dimensions and critical importance of the work involved:

“Recently, the version 18.1 release of AMPS marked a momentous achievement for DLA and our delivery team. We’ve helped the DLA create an identity access management capability beyond anything similar in existence today. In light of critical resource challenges, the customer conveys that they are ‘very pleased’ with our resourceful efforts in achieving this latest release.”