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Meet a government IT partner that you can trust to deliver your most demanding solutions

Across the federal government, agencies know us for our advanced IT solutions and transformative thinking in the areas of Health IT; Logistics and Systems Engineering; and Personnel, Payroll, and Finance. We recognize the importance of their diverse missions, and we’re proud to be a part of their success.

Health IT

For nearly two decades, federal health agencies have turned to Technatomy to support comprehensive, secure, efficient healthcare programs and services.

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Financial & Human Capital Management

Our experience in payroll processing, enterprise financial and human capital management system support extends across several federal clients

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Defense Logistics

Our client partnerships provide innovative logistics tools, process support, and systems engineering to help achieve their missions.

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Federal Enterprise IT

With specialized domain expertise in project management, software development and O&M for health, civilian and defense agencies, Technatomy supports the federal government in solving technical security, GHC processes, and logistics challenges.

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Technatomy helps government agencies to optimize preventive maintenance activities based on trained algorithms applied within business process management workflows.

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