Our MARQ.SW approach promotes leadership-collaboration that is focused on the work activities within a collaborative environment, and on creating accountability for successful results. Most of our clients have standard Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) processes that must be followed. We adapt our approach to each client’s requirements and incorporate the elements that add the most value wherever possible. These include:

  • Agile-Scrum
  • CMMI practices

Technatomy’s MARQ.SW methodology embraces  Agile software deployment iterations, where small teams work together with stakeholders to define quick prototypes, proofs of concept, or other visual means to describe the problem to be solved.

Some of the benefits we typically realize using MARQ.SW as a whole and solely related to a particular platform, system or environment are:

  • Improved Communication and Coordination
  • Quick Releases
  • Flexibility of Design – Quicker Response to Changes
  • More Reasonable Process
  • Increased Quality
  • Better Customer Focus
  • Improved Project Focus — Better Prioritization
  • Increased Productivity
  • Overall Better Morale