Technatomy’s core values that underline MARQ.PMO are:

  • Communication – Ensure effective, clear, and timely communication between management, contributors, and stakeholders
  • Simplicity – Identify critical success factors with the simplest possible solution while contributing measurable value to the project management process
  • Feedback – Continuous feedback becomes the primary tool for defining and sustaining agility
  • Adversity Resolution – Ability to deal with the consequences of change or discarding the outcome when the decision is proven inadequate

We realize these values with MARQ.PMO through an agile approach that is:

  • Incremental and Evolutionary – allows adaptation of internal and external project activities, events, and milestones to be executed as appropriate.
  • Modular and Lean – allows project components to be executed quickly and to come and go depending on specific needs of the project participants and stakeholders.
  • Time Based – built on iterative and concurrent project work cycles, which contain feedback mechanisms and progress checkpoints for accountability and quality verifications

The result of related these core values enables MARQ.PMO to apply the following:

  • Manage With A Purpose – Create artifacts of the project management process that have meaningful stakeholder value
  • Multiple Project Views – Provide different views of the same content to effectively communicate with stakeholders, participants, and providers
  • Rapid Feedback – Minimize the time between an action and feedback, and work closely with the stakeholders to understand and analyze requirements, develop an actionable plan, provide opportunity for feedback