Our MARQ.OPT is aimed helping clients achieve four strategic objectives with their IT infrastructure:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved service
  • Reduced complexities
  • Realized cost savings

MARQ.OPT provides for:

  • Strong central planning and governance. Deliver fundamental insight into the organizations business needs by providing a holistic view of the enterprise.
  • Simplify the infrastructure. Reduce costs and provide a foundation for common, enterprise applications and solutions.
  • Expand the use of enterprise and shared services application. Facilitate the integration of incongruent sources of data.
  • Integrate data. Provide improved IT service delivery, enhance policy, and induce analytic capabilities and reporting options.

We understand that the delicate balance between efficiency and innovation; cost and quality; is significant. MARQ.OPT creates and focuses on a dynamic environment that is easier and less expensive to manage, upgrade, and run to provide IT organizations the ability to focus on using this more flexible infrastructure to support the organizations business strategy and innovation of which they support.