Technatomy’s MARQ.O&M approach is geared towards deploying an agile method that engages an interface between the O&M and Development teams early to align process flows more tightly and resolve issues ahead of application systems deployments. In this way, MARQ.O&M:

  • Exemplifies the core principles for delivering and deploying working application systems that are aligned to functional and non-functional requirements within the constraints and capabilities of the O&M environment.
  • Leads to better quality outcomes along with the ability to respond to change quickly.

MARQ.O&M provides the ability to support and drive agility through the handover points and interfaces between development and operational environments. The intersecting points typically exist at the core of change and configuration management, testing and quality assurance, release management, problem management, and other areas such as help desk support.

MARQ.O&M bridges the gap between development and operations by introducing changes more frequently and in smaller amounts. This process drives less risk, cross pollinates teams to provide understanding of their respective environments to each other, and simplifies processes when possible are some of the component methods that will be applied to reach O&M agility.