We have seen in our work with clients some common elements to success. We have worked to integrate these elements of success into a common approach.

MARQ – pronounced /‘märk/, is Technatomy’s Method for Agile-driven, Responsive Quality. MARQ represents:

  • Method – is an adaptable and repeatable framework that is applied to all service areas.
  • Agile-driven – this refers to our use of an Agile approach to integrate the client directly into a process of rapidly and iteratively developing deliverables and solutions
  • Responsive – is applying the common elements of industry best business practices. Ensures the ability to respond quickly, positively and readily with genuine interest and enthusiasm.
  • Quality – is the incorporation of industry standard quality management processes, such as CMMI level 3, ISO 9000 and ISO 20000 into our work for clients.

MARQ is applied to each of Technatomy’s capabilities: