Our Approach

The secret to good technology: It’s alive.

Every organization wants to have the right information technology, configured in a way that best supports its mission. But for many, this seemingly straightforward goal can prove maddeningly elusive.

The reason, we think, is that technology is all too often planned, developed and maintained without adequate consideration of the needs of the individuals who will actually use it. In our opinion, the design, use and support of technology can be best viewed as a living process. Hence our name, and approach.

Our philosophy is built on such fundamental strategies as agile methodology and ongoing quality management at every level. This approach helps us ensure that users’ needs and feedback are captured and addressed throughout the development cycle — whether we’re delivering a piece of software, or helping to develop and implement a system-wide modernization effort.

To help our clients succeed, we stay on the leading edge of emerging technology. But just as importantly, we are far more interested in assisting individuals and facilitating their interactions than in promoting any particular process or tool. As a result, we believe we are better able to create solutions that deliver value faster, and in smaller, more useful deliverables, to the people within our clients’ organizations and their various stakeholders. To learn more, please contact us.