Our Difference

We help clients succeed …
and our partners as well.

Technatomy is different in many ways, and one of the most significant is how we partner.

Like many companies, we began as a very small, one-man firm, and have since grown into a company with our own prime contracts. But the memory of our early years remains fresh, and guides us in our interactions with partners. We recall, for example, that it’s common for subcontractors to be cut out of the interesting and profitable tasks, or kept away from meaningful client interactions. In our view, such ‘partnerships’ are not worthy of the term.

Instead, we do everything we can to make sure each partnering agreement is negotiated openly and transparently, and commit to the terms in a written contract (creating a level of accountability that is all too rare, in our experience). We also have a very competitive markup rate, meaning that there are ample profit opportunities for everyone involved.

The bottom line is that focusing on helping clients succeed is only the half of the picture. We also believe if our partners are as fully interested in a project as we are, our clients get a better outcome.

If you’re ready for a better partnership, we’re ready to talk. Please contact us to begin the discussion.