Our unique take on government contractor company culture

At Technatomy, it’s no surprise that we’re big fans of information technology, and staying current with the latest tech developments that benefit our customers.

But we’re also people — with families, dreams and interests all our own. So we strive to maintain a government contractor company culture that optimizes the balance between professionalism, client-focused service and a rewarding, enjoyable atmosphere in which to work. We succeed because we:

• Welcome and support a diverse workforce that includes veterans, men and women of all ethnicities, creeds and handicapped status, who all contribute to a positive government contractor company culture

• Recognize the individual personalities and achievements of our people, and at the same time create a unified, cohesive team that focuses on service delivery

• Foster a sense of family and community among our employees by organizing social gatherings and after-work events, and supporting employees’ community involvement

Our unique corporate culture is not just our “management flavor of the month.” We’re committed to nurturing our culture, and our employees, for the long haul — because they allow us to deliver client solutions of the highest possible quality.
But don’t just take our word for it. We encourage you to contact any of our employees to hear their impressions of Technatomy, and learn about how you could fit in with our unique government contractor company culture. To learn more, please contact us.

“Technatomy is a great place to work. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many great people and being part of a fantastic team. Working for Technatomy has been different from other companies – from the minute I joined their team I have had the opportunity to be involved in many different areas of the business – from business development to organizational planning. I’m very fortunate to be in a place where I can work and learn at the same time.”
-Kimberly Rountree, Program Manager

“I think Technatomy is a great place to work. It is a growing company with strong culture of innovation and creativity. Working at Technatomy, you are recognized and compensated for your efforts. I especially like working at Technatomy because the company offers me a great work and life balance.”
-Claudia Ortiz, Contracts Administrator

“Being a Proposal Manager for an IT firm is tough work, but I can honestly say that Technatomy has been the best employer I’ve ever had. I am constantly challenged by the work I do, and my hard work is recognized. The team here is great, everyone is always happy to help out, and Senior Management is always available to assist me whenever I need it.”
-Verónica Kennedy, Proposal Manager

“At Technatomy, you feel like you are essential and you are part of a team. You truly feel like a valued employee because your opinion matters. As you walk-in you are greeted with warm smiles and friendly faces. All of the colleagues are supportive and everyone works well as a united front.”
-Karla Hollingshed M.A.Ed., Ph.D. Learner, Senior Technical Writer/Editor

“My favorite thing about Technatomy is the dedication to quality. I’ve seen many companies, large and small, commit and ‘deliver on time.’ With Technatomy, if the quality is not there it is not delivered until the work is right. I totally agree with that attitude and am proud to be part of the team that does deliver on time.”
-Anne Ellis, Solution Architect

“The happiness people bring to Technatomy for their jobs is my favorite thing about this company. Of course there are times when you have to focus and drive to make things happen; but, no matter what you can hear and see people really loving their job. The dynamic nature of how we work together really is what makes us great as a single unit, from Nadeem, our CEO, down to me.”
-Henry “Ric” Rodriguez, Chief Engineer