technatomy careers

Where federal IT contracting careers take root and grow

Career longevity — that’s what Technatomy offers to its employees. We’re interested in IT professionals who are looking for more than just another job, but rather a supportive, team-oriented environment that quickly begins to feel like home. It may seem a little old-fashioned, but we see nothing wrong with professionals who want to stay at our firm for most, or even all, of their careers — and we give them compelling reasons for doing so.

We also have a strong commitment to hiring veterans. In fact, many of our employees transitioned from previous careers in the military to join us. At the same time, many other team members’ federal IT contracting careers included positions at large contractors. As a result, we try to maintain a culture where both veterans and consulting professionals can feel at home. This means that at Technatomy, you can rely on:

• Competitive benefits and compensation, based on your expertise, credentials and previous work experience.

• Support from dedicated staff committed to finding new opportunities for consultants to further their federal IT contracting careers whenever existing projects conclude.

• Ongoing training and education opportunities to help you expand your capabilities and credentials. For example, we conduct Scrum training throughout the year, and our staff includes nearly 50 Scrum masters.

• Being part of a tight-knit team with fellow staff, strengthened by regular lunch get-togethers, monthly pot-lucks and social events after work.

• Giving back to your community through outreach programs like Toys for Tots, The Wounded Warrior project and Northern Virginia Family Services. We’re always open to employee recommendations for additional worthy causes.

In short, instead of merely offering IT jobs, we offer federal IT contracting careers. This commitment is reflected in the respect we show to our employees and, we believe, in the quality of the work they do. We encourage you to learn more about you can fit in with our team.